Northern Education Trust

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

Our Values

We seek to ensure that each academy provides learning experiences enabling every individual to begin to look at learning as a life-long activity, pursued within a community which proclaims that:

The welfare of others is the first concern of all

Such a guiding principle requires all those skills and attitudes that encompass such words as tolerance, flexibility, sensitivity, compassion and respect. Trustees endorse the strength of each of these words and to expect that each of them be associated with the single most important principle of a comprehensive education. That is:

The education of every child is held to be of equal value in the community academy

This principle applied to practice, needs more precise thought, determined implementation and constant monitoring than systems pretending greater simplicity. It must overarch decisions, guide planning and inform the style of relationships in each academy. It is through the discovery of organisational and human relationships which reflect this principle, that expectations can be raised.

It does not mean that everyone is equal in talent, social behaviour or opportunities; rather it recognises individual differences and starting points, accepts proficiencies and deficiencies and notwithstanding these, accepts the essential value and rights of the individual.

We believe that the progress of pupils and students in their academic, social and physical development should be our prime focus, no matter their starting points. The Trusts success will be measured against students? achievements and their progression to further education or training, higher education and to economic security and success in the world of work.

The principles of the welfare of others and of equal value must govern all decisions concerning pastoral and academic organisation and practices. It should also inform the style of relationships between staff, between staff and students, between academy and the community served. In order to achieve this we believe that investment in the development, welfare and care of our staff must be at the heart of our employment policies.

We are committed to encouraging our academies to promote projects in the creative arts, outdoor education, PE and sport. We believe in the fundamental value of unlocking the creativity of young people and of enabling them to experience and access a diverse range of creative and cultural activities because this brings intrinsic pleasure and benefits, raises their aspirations and unlocks their imaginations.