Northern Education Trust

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred

Relationship with the Local Authority

Northern Education Trust will expect to maintain close working relationships with all those agencies with an interest in the education of young people. The Trust will therefore expect any academy that it sponsors to:

  • provide a termly report on the progress of the Academy toward improving achievement to the Director of Children's Services and the portfolio holder with responsibly for securing the education of the children and young people. We would expect this to include an opportunity for formal meeting that enables discussion and challenge.
  • work as a member of the family of schools within the local authority and to positively contribute to the development of good practice by taking part in appropriate programmes of activity designed for the education and welfare of young people.
  • work collaboratively with other agencies supporting the development and welfare of young people in the locality.
  • work with industry commerce and voluntary organisations to support the regeneration of an area.