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Memoirs of a School Improvement Man

28th Aug 2014

Memoirs of a School Improvement Man

Below you will find an archive of published articles written by, Chair of Northern Education Trust, Les Walton CBE.

March 2017
Regional heritage is all around us not just museums
I'm giving up my column and I mean it (I think)

February 2017
If we focus on change then results will come
Ivan the Terrible

January 2017
Good schools rely on excellent specialist advice
Improving lives of children always primary objective

December 2016
Changing world of education that is failing pupils
Technology is still a divisive issue in education circles

November 2016
The playground: A place of wonder and imagination
Keeping faith in schools, whatever your belief system
Ofsted may watch us - but we must also watch Ofsted

October 2016
Violence towards schoolchildren is never acceptable
How MPs' own education impacts on children's today

September 2016
Caring is just one of the three vital skills in teaching
Progress has been made on special needs provision

August 2016
Time that tested my limited view of an FE college
Our consultation had to stand up to intense scrutiny

July 2016
You know, education is more important than football
We broke new ground and gave this city a change
Why advantage has always been in the background

June 2016
The bitter, bitter strike of 1969
Maybe our little rebels really do have a cause
That strange and alien land that became Europe

May 2016
You need people to tell you the school is on fire

April 2016
World history has a vital role to play
Social networking actually involved talking to people

March 2016
I was happy that Jesus wanted me for a sunbeam
Fresh start is not magic bullet, nor are headteachers

February 2016
I fear centralised educations risk to regional identity
Nobody liked us but we DID care

January 2016
Back when state education was still in its infancy
Forget the league tables - be proud of who you are

December 2015
There's still a case to be made for central planning
Thoughts from the womb
Memories of first staffroom filled with characters

November 2015
Finding balance for academic and vocational
The good old days were also the poor old days

October 2015
Disciplined over homework on day of Dad's funeral
Coalition between education and employers is key

September 2015
John's sheep dip into visual aids failed to impress
Future-proofing schools is crucial for our students

August 2015
We have to ask a lot of those who love their children
Joking aside - we still continue to believe children are priceless

July 2015
Part-time working gives youngsters more than money
Walking a mile in my shoes, try a day in my head
Walking on desks broke rules...but I was a good teacher

June 2015
I was the boy with a uniform made from billiard table cloth
Our education system was born in 1945 - has it grown up yet?

May 2015
Les Walton Columnist
Why tampering will not work in schools or football

April 2015
If we get C in all the areas, then that will be good enough
When it comes to swearing, it's OK to be old-fashioned
Maurice Chevalier was the father I never had

March 2015
The day I started teaching
How the inspectors were egged on at my school assembly

February 2015
The morning after a terrible night
The protest songs have gone yet we still need them

January 2015
Leave some room at schools for the love of the dance
A little more PE a little less woodwork

December 2014
The plan can come later - I want to hear your dreams
A weekly morning of madness - and the odd film, too
75 percent party, games 25 percent disco music

November 2014
School governors' roles should be a national priority
Why we would do well to remember Perls of wisdom

October 2014
The importance of humour
TV was great because our family could talk about something other than nutty slack

September 2014
The Thunderous Whisper that can help keep control
It really isn't all about playing the percentages

August 2014
Les Walton speaks about his life in Education
It's not just the children who need self-esteem - it's parents as well
Don't Lead like Ceausescu - or like Mike Ashley

July 2014
Let's Learn to have belief - The Importance of Values
Education: Have we forgotten more than we learned
Region is falling behind in young getting to uni
Divided Pathways and the 11 plus