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Winners of IAA Award for Innovative and Effective Governance

16th Oct 2014

Winners of IAA Award for Innovative and Effective Governance

The judging panel?s selection in this category conveys a compelling governance vision founded on the belief that increased autonomy brings increased accountability. The framework provides appropriate challenge and support for teachers, heads and governors, whilst executive and non-executive functions are well delineated. There are clear aims and objectives for governors and trust directors, who are selected for the skills and experience they bring to the table.

Moreover, an impressive Trust Board model ensures that key stakeholders are fully involved in the development and success of their school. Student progress - academic, social and physical - is the prime focus of the governing boards.

The Trust rigorously monitors and evaluates performance, including its own. Comprehensive training, well supported by bespoke policies, procedures and protocols, underpins governance functions. Innovation is evidenced in developments such as the non-executive programme, and the impactful approaches have drawn praise from Ofsted.

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