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Three Years Of Quality Teaching Pays Off At The Ferns Academy

7th Aug 2015

Three Years Of Quality Teaching Pays Off At The Ferns Academy

Three years ago the Northern Education Trust became the sponsor of The Ferns Primary Academy in Plodder Lane, Farnworth. Three years later, the school has achieved its best ever SATs results.

The children?s combined scores averaged 88%, which is 10% above last year?s national average - the provisional national average percentage for this year will not be available until August 27th. When the Northern Education Trust took over in 2012, the combined scores averaged only 46%.

Although not yet validated ? the official figures will not be published until early next year - these results have made principal Debra Murphy, extremely proud. She commented:

?These children were in Year 4 when it became sponsored by the Northern Education Trust and I took over as principal, so the children who sat this year?s SATs have had the benefit of three years of quality teaching.

?Our maths scores have really improved too. Maths used to be our weakest point, but this year 58% of students achieved a level 5 in maths. We have not only undertaken a lot of enterprise work with the children this year, so that they can develop confidence in their basic numeracy skills and start to really believe in themselves, but I believe we can also attribute this improvement to the appointment of a specialist maths teacher who teaches all our maths now at The Ferns.

?We also appointed a specialist English teacher who has significantly boosted our English results too. Together with a strategy of personalised intervention for some pupils, these factors have combined to make a massive impact.?

Three children in particular are worthy of special mention because they achieved a level 6 score: Topaz Leighton, Kamural Haq and Bradley Scott Derbyshire, who have all attended the school for the last three years, achieved a result which only one per cent of children achieve nationally at this age.

Ian Kershaw, chief executive of the Northern Education Trust, added:

?The Northern Education Trust is passionate about making a difference for children and these results demonstrate that we are not only beginning to make an impact, but also, what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Debra and her team are to be congratulated.?

The Ferns Primary Academy is one of 20 academies (ten primary and ten secondary) sponsored by the Northern Education Trust throughout the North West and North East of England. Kearsley Academy is another Northern Education Trust school.