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SATS Results Give New Principal Confidence in the Future

21st Oct 2015

SATS Results Give New Principal Confidence in the Future


Emme Ford, the new principal at Abbey Park Primary Academy in Halifax, is looking forward confidently to the future after pupils turned in their best ever KS2 SATs results, which have just been recently validated.

Eighty-four per cent of pupils achieved a Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths, which is up from 46% last year and is 6% above the national average.

Across the board, Abbey Park SATs results show a massive improvement over last year ? expected progress in reading was 96% compared to 71% last year, expected progress in writing was 100% versus 79% and expected progress in maths was 96% against 75% in 2014.

Mrs Ford, who had carried out an interim role since January 2015, but was promoted to principal in September, explained the reason behind Abbey Park?s massive improvement this year. She believes that the outstanding tracking system used by her staff enabled them to get detailed feedback on the relative performance of each child ? particularly those who had been falling behind. She said:

?Added to the statistics we had obtained from our data capture system, I also strengthened the team, by making a number of new appointments including a very capable Year 6 teacher, a one-to-one teacher to give specific help to individual pupils, three very able teaching assistants and a pastoral manager. We also organised the children into groups for English and maths to draw on the teacher?s particular strengths.

?Because I was already working at Abbey Park before taking up this role, I know the children inside out, which is a huge help, but additionally, each member of staff has responsibility for one of the children in Year 6 ? they operate with a whole staff approach which is both pastoral and academic.

?I am settling in well to my new role and I am committed to ensuring that every child gets the education they deserve at Abbey Park. It is vital for the children to believe in themselves so we aim to give them the kind of all round experiences that boost confidence and promote their understanding of life beyond the school gates.?

Abbey Park, which is smaller than the average sized primary school, has 226 pupils. It has been sponsored by the Northern Education Trust, a multi-academy not-for-profit trust based near Newcastle upon Tyne, for almost two years.

Ian Kershaw, chief executive of the Northern Education Trust, added: ?We are delighted by the progress that Emme is making at Abbey Park. She is totally dedicated to improving the life chances of the children in her care and we have every confidence that she will go from strength to strength.?

Northern Education Trust sponsors 20 primary and secondary academies throughout the northeast and northwest of England.