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Manor Community Academy Students Achieve Some Strong Results

25th Aug 2016

Manor Community Academy Students Achieve Some Strong Results

A number of students at Manor Community Academy, which has been sponsored by the Northern Education Trust since March 2015, have shown some good individual performances at GCSE level; the academy?s top performing students have once again achieved some outstanding grades.

Jack Dobson is the academy?s highest attaining boy with 8 grades at A* and 3 grades at A, he also has a further maths qualification at grade A*. Kelsey Phenix is Manor?s highest achieving girl with 3 grade A*, grade A and a grade B; Kelsey has also achieved the Further Maths qualification at grade A*. Other students who have achieved at an exceptionally high level are Thomas Ryder, Christopher Gregory, Leah MacTaggart and Ethan Ludford.

Students have continued to perform well in English and 75% have achieved the nationally expected levels.

Commenting on the 2016 results, Anne Malcolm, principal, was keen to offer her congratulations and thanks to her teaching staff, students and their parents for the dedication and commitment they have shown.

?I am pleased with the performance of our students and the success which many of them have enjoyed today. It is obvious that hard work pays off and those students who have achieved, have worked hard for their five years at Manor. I would also like to pay tribute to our parents who have a huge part to pay in their child?s success. The support that parents give to their children and the partnership with our academy makes a huge difference. We are thrilled for our students who have achieved the top grades, but we are equally pleased and proud of those students who have found some aspects of learning difficult. They have persevered in order to gain the qualifications which will ensure that they can progress to the next stage of their education and training.?

Manor Community Academy is a larger than average sized co-educational school with 1134 students aged 11 to 16 years. A brand new school building opened in April 2016 to accommodate 1250 and the entire build project is scheduled for completion in Spring 2017.