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Red House Academy Students Show Outstanding Individual Performances

25th Aug 2016

Red House Academy Students Show Outstanding Individual Performances

Nathan James and Hannah celebrating a total of 17A*s and 15As with principal Dr Quincey

Ten per cent increase in students achieving 5 A*- C grades with English and maths.

A number of students at Red House Academy which converted to academy status under the sponsorship of Northern Education Trust in October 2014, have shown outstanding individual performances at GCSE level.

Nathan Beckett, James Drinkald and Hannah Ould have done particularly well in a number of subjects including English, mathematics, engineering and literature, achieving phenomenal results; Nathan achieved 9 A*s, 4As and a B; James achieved 7A*s, 5As and a B; and Hannah 1 A* 6 As and 3 Bs . Reece Atkinson and Mason Ewart have made outstanding progress across all subjects.

There was more than a 10 per cent increase this year in the proportion of students achieving 5 A*-C grades at GCSE with English and Maths Expected levels of progress in English also improved by 13 percentage points.

From 2016 the performance measures have changed. All schools nationally will now be judged on how much progress all of their year 11 students have made from when they started in year 7, across eight subjects. English and maths count double towards this score.

Whilst this new ?Progress 8? measure for 2016 isn?t yet available (because comparisons with how all students have done nationally in all of their subjects, given their starting points in year 7) haven?t yet been made, we do know how our students would have compared last year from the same starting points. On average, our students have made much better progress across eight subjects, and there are some outstanding individual successes.

There are three other important new measures: the percentage of students achieving A*-C grades in both English and maths (known as ?the basics?), the percentage of students achieving the EBacc (A*-C in English, maths, two sciences, history or geography and a modern foreign language) and an average point score across eight subjects. On every measure Red House Academy has made progress. There was an 11% increase in the Basics, a four per cent increase in the EBacc and an improvement in the average point.

Commenting on this year?s results Therese Quincey, Principal, Red House Academy, was keen to offer her congratulations and thanks to her teaching staff and students for the dedication and commitment they have shown. She said:

?We have demonstrated progress on almost every indicator since 2015. We look forward to accelerating progress further in 2016/17 through the challenge and support we receive from our governors, the Northern Education Trust and the mutual learning we enjoy from other Northern Education Trust academies.?

This will be the second full year that Northern Education Trust has been sponsor and evidence of its support was acknowledged in the academy?s recent Ofsted inspection.

Ian Kershaw, chief executive of Northern Education Trust, added:

?Red House Academy has made some good progress in some key areas this year, which demonstrates that with strong leadership, high quality teaching and the right commitment from our students, anything is possible. There are also some impressive individual student performances. Academy staff and students are to be congratulated on the gains that have been made & we look forward to seeing further success in the coming year.?