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The Blyth Academy Students Show Outstanding Individual Performances

25th Aug 2016

The Blyth Academy Students Show Outstanding Individual Performances

Year 11 students at The Blyth Academy celebrate their success

A number of students at The Blyth Academy which converted to academy status under the sponsorship of Northern Education Trust in October 2013, have shown outstanding individual performances at GCSE level.

Jessica Wilson, Natalie Roper and Stephanie Davison have done particularly well in a number of subjects achieving 1 A*, 6 As and 5 Bs, 1 A*, 4 As, 5 Bs and 1 C and 2 A*s, 4 As, 4 Bs and2 Cs respectively.

This year?s results have shown an increase in the number of students achieving 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths and there has been improved performance in a number of other key measures.

From 2016 the performance measures have changed. All schools nationally will now be judged on how much progress all of their year 11 students have made from when they started in year 7, across eight subjects. English and Maths count double towards this score! Whilst this new ?Progress 8? measure for 2016 isn?t yet available (because comparisons with how all students have done nationally in all of their subjects, given their starting points in year 7) haven?t yet been made, we do know how our students would have compared last year from the same starting points. On average, our students have made much better progress across eight subjects, and there are some outstanding individual successes. Similarly improvements have been made in the average attainment grade for students which has increased by one grade.

Commenting on this year?s results Sarah Ramsden, Principal of The Blyth Academy, was keen to offer her congratulations and thanks to her teaching staff and students for the dedication and commitment they have shown. She said:

?There have been a number of changes at the Academy this year. Students at The Blyth Academy deserve every success after working exceptionally hard to achieve some fantastic results. The Academy looks to have a pleasing and much improved progress 8 score and some excellent results for students meaning they are much better placed to follow their aspirations in to further education whether it is in our sixth form or elsewhere. I wish all our students the very best of luck in their future endeavours.?

The Principal was keen to recognise the impact of support from Northern Education Trust and the governing body this year. She looks forward to continued strong relationships with parents, students and the local community as the Academy goes from strength to strength.

Ian Kershaw, chief executive of Northern Education Trust, added:

?The Blyth Academy is making good progress and these results demonstrate that with strong leadership, high quality teaching and the right commitment from our students, anything is possible. The Blyth Academy students and all Academy staff are to be congratulated.?