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??Thomas Hepburn Students Show Some Outstanding Individual Performances

31st Aug 2016

??Thomas Hepburn Students Show Some Outstanding Individual Performances

A number of students at Thomas Hepburn Community Academy, which converted to academy status under the sponsorship of Northern Education Trust in October 2013, have performed extremely well at GCSE this year. Twins Nathan and Jay Greenup both achieved 6 A*-A grades each, Head Girl Chelsea Patton achieved 5 A* - A grades as did both Hanna Craig, and Alicia Webb.

Abbey McGrath and Alysha Allan did particularly well in a range of subjects, such as Expressive Arts and Computing, where they achieved As and A*s as well as in other subjects.

Whole school there has been a significant improvement in English most notably, where 27 % more students achieved expected progress and improvements were made to overall A*-C grades. Improvement has also been seen in a number of other key subject areas.

From 2016 the performance measures change. All schools nationally will now be judged on how much progress all of their year 11 students have made from when they started in year 7, across eight subjects. English and Maths count double towards this score! Whilst this new ?Progress 8? measure for 2016 isn?t yet available (because comparisons with how all students have done nationally in all of their subjects, given their starting points in year 7) haven?t yet been made, we do know how our students would have compared last year from the same starting points. On average, our students have made much better progress across eight subjects.

Commenting on this year?s results, Lesley Craig, Principal was keen to offer her congratulations and thanks to her teaching staff and students for their hard work. She said: ?I am very proud of the achievements of all of our Year 11 students. Whilst some improvements have been made we will continue to strive for the very best for each and every one of our young people.?