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The Ferns Primary Academy pupils Become Budding Scientists

28th Mar 2017

The Ferns Primary Academy pupils Become Budding Scientists

Pupils of The Ferns Primary Academy (The Ferns) in Bolton, which is sponsored by the Northern Education Trust, celebrated national science week with their very own science fair.

The school set pupils off on a voyage of discovery by dedicating a whole day to mark the occasion. A total of 408 pupils from all year groups explored the world around them with a variety of exciting experiments such as creating an erupting volcano, a skittles colour wheel and also had a hair raising experience investigating the effects of the van de graaf generator.

The event aims to highlight the importance of science in the curriculum in a practical and creative way, whilst providing pupils with a wealth of opportunities to explore, explain and learn.


Adele Young, Head of the academy said;

"Science is not only a significant part of the curriculum, but also our everyday lives and this was the emphasis of our science fair which has been a great success. It was amazing to see our pupils excited to learn and to develop their love of scientific exploration.

It is very important to us that we provide our pupils with as many engaging and educational opportunities as possible, in order to help them develop in to confident and self-sufficient learners. Our pupils and staff alike enjoyed the fair so much, we are already planning one for next year. Hopefully this has been the first of many more science fairs to come."

With this wealth of scientific opportunity, The Ferns just might inspire the next Einstein!