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The Oak Tree Academy Plant a Forest of 400 Trees

2nd May 2018

The Oak Tree Academy Plant a Forest of 400 Trees

Children at Oak Tree Academy in Stockton, which is part of the Northern Education Trust, are to plant a forest the size of a football pitch on the school grounds as part of an initiative to encourage positive environmental values.

The Woodlands Trust, the UK's largest woodland conservation charity, have an aim to plant 64 million trees over the next 10 years and to do this they offer schools and communities free tree packs ranging from just 1 tree to 400 trees.

Oak Tree Academy received the wildlife pack of 400 trees including Hawthorne, Silver Birch, Rowan, Blackthorn, Hazel and common Oak. Each child at the school will plant a tree in the extensive outdoor area at the school.

As part of the Northern Education Trust which is committed to encouraging students to embrace the outdoors, Oak Tree Academy regularly use its extensive school grounds for outdoor learning activities such as story telling around the fire pit and woodlands walks. Having a forest within the school grounds will further expand the academic opportunities for the children to spend time learning in their natural environment.

Elizabeth Pollitt, Principal at Oak Tree Academy, said:

'With the help of the Woodlands Trust we have developed a long list of creative and explorative forest activities to incorporate in our school curriculum. Studying ancient trees, food chains, the life span of the trees, and natural craft ideas, just to name a few.' 'We hope to instil a love of the outdoors in our pupils whilst enabling the children to develop their skills and knowledge. The children are very excited to plant their own tree and see how fast it grows.'

The children have the responsibility to look after the trees, with help from Wilkinson's Landscapes. They come to the school once a week to teach the children how to maintain the forest.