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Northern Education Trust's Ryecroft Primary Academy On Track for Removal of Special Measures

23rd Jul 2018

Northern Education Trust's Ryecroft Primary Academy On Track for Removal of Special Measures

Northern Education Trust's Ryecroft Primary Academy in Holmewood, Bradford, has received an encouraging monitoring inspection report in which Ofsted says the school is 'taking effective action towards the removal of special measures'. It also says that at the current accelerated rate of improvement, the school should be on track to be removed from special measures within the required timescale.

Since the last monitoring inspection, and with a view to creating a solid and stable team to take the school forward on its journey of improvement, Northern Education Trust (NET) has made a significant investment in the appointment of new staff.

Ofsted reported that 'staffing is more stable than at any time since the school was placed in special measures and with two effective vice-principals to work with the principal and assistant principal, this has created a 'sturdy team'.

Describing the principal, Mrs Helen Pearson, as 'resilient and determined' and providing 'solid, effective leadership', Ofsted said that leadership has continued to improve since the last inspection and staff have confidence in the senior team and are committed to further improvement.

Improvements to the quality of teaching were noted as having a marked effect on pupils' behaviour. The quality of teaching in the core subjects of English and Mathematics is resulting in better progress for pupils.

Ofsted particularly noted the improvements in early years provision since the last inspection describing them as 'rapid' and citing the leadership by the principal, support from the trust and adjustments to staffing, as all playing a part. This is resulting in 'strongly engaged children, who are making more rapid progress'.

Commenting on the report, Mrs Pearson, said: "I was very pleased that the inspector noticed the politeness of our children and described a 'tangible shift' in their attitudes compared with the previous inspection. I firmly believe that the systematic approach to improving behaviour we introduced at the start of the academic year, together with the greater stability of staffing and better communication with parents, is positively influencing the quality of teaching and learning.

Everything now seems to be moving in the right direction. Every decision we make is based on what is the best for the children. Incidents of poor behaviour are now rare as pupils take a pride in the school. We are committed to making this a good school and I feel we are now well on the way to achieving that goal."

Rob Tarn, Chief Executive of NET said: "We are pleased that Ofsted have recognised the positive changes that have taken place at Ryecroft Primary Academy. The Principal and her staff have worked tirelessly with children, families and the wider community to set the academy firmly on its journey to 'good'. This outcome is also positive affirmation of the impact of Northern Education Trust's school improvement strategy".